J&J - Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Wedding

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J&J - Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Wedding

When Jane came to me through my website, inquiring as to whether I do New Years Eve weddings, my ears were perked right away. I wanted to hear more, I wanted to tell their story. 

Jane and Jan thought everything out to a tee. They wanted to spare nothing, to make sure their friends and family had the time of their lives. SO obviously no better date could be chosen than December 31st for their Montreal Wedding. Guests came in from Toronto and surrounding areas to enjoy the festivities. The venue was very important to them as well, and the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth had finally opened their doors to unveil their new venue - L'Espace C2 on the 21st floor which overlooks ALL of Montreal. This would be the first Queen E wedding and trust me, it will not be the last. With floor to ceiling windows and multiple levels, it was a dream come true. 

The scene was set but before all the dancing, dining and balloon drop, (yes you read right) Jane and Jan had their first look in the hotel bar - the very sexy Nacarat  providing an old world meets new world modern vibe. Here they enjoyed a drink with their closest friends before they arrived on the 21st floor for more cocktails, mingling and tear-inducing speeches. We whisked Jane away for her dress change, where she transformed into an effortless gorgeous bride. She was ready to get the ceremony started and then the party!

It was a celebration to remember. And we're especially thankful they trusted us to go outside in -40 weather to take literally 10 photos before we all HAD to go back in before freezing to death! 

Wedding Planner: Elyna Kudish

Flourist: Atelier Carmel

2nd Shooter: John Koo

Joe's Prop House


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Taj Mahal Hotel New Delhi - Wedding

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Taj Mahal Hotel New Delhi - Wedding

It was the final day. 

The final ceremony. The Lagan. 

We were all eager. Tired. Wide eyed. Curious.

Everything thus far was a first for me and for many of the guests who arrived from Canada. 

At the end of the night, on the bus ride back to the hotel I cried. Pure exhaustion, and feeling like I crossed the finish line of a race I didn't train for. 9 years of photographing weddings had nothing on the past 4 days. Yet I made it.

Those same emotions flooded again once I edited the last image of this wedding. To be so connected to a couple for over a year. To be a part of many ceremonies, dedicated to their love. To explain their story one click at a time.

Speaking of their story, It started with their Canadian Wedding. Then at the end of November it was off to New Delhi India to document their traditional Indian Wedding. You can see the photoshoot we did here and their Devagon ceremony here . I have added below a few images as well of their lively and entertaining Mehndi Raat! (Can we please have choreographed dances at Canadian weddings?!!?!)

The richness of Deepti and Scott's wedding will be ingrained into my memory forever. Filled with intense colors of red and gold, much celebration and of course, lots of love. 

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The Lagan Ceremony

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