If I could appropriately describe Deepti and Scott, I would definitely say they are a very hard working couple who appreciate.. and I mean TRULY appreciate spending quality time with those who mean the most to them. To me, that is such an important balance in life. It's so exciting to succeed in work, to gain acknowledgement from your peers and boss but it's even more important to reward that hard work and to share it with the oens you love. When you find your soul mate who you can do all of that with- then you might as well wear a badge of honor because to me- you get 'it'. You get life and you're going to enjoy every minute of it. 

I have had the absolute honor of getting to know these two over the better part of a year. (I am sure you guys didn't realize how much I'd be a part of your lives with 2 weddings, 2 engagement shoots and a few other details in between ! ) 

Deepti and Scott made sure not forget the simple things on their wedding day. Like how Scott and the boys enjoyed a very intense game while the girls got ready. But Scott didn't forget about his lovely bride.... as he sent her on the hour cards that he had written, describing exactly how she must be feeling in that moment, and how excited he was to soon call her his wife. Tissue please! Seeing their energy even when not face to face was powerful.

Deepti's roots started in India and they both made sure to include beautiful gifts which they had for all their guests. These included bangles, sandals and other goodies.

As the women entered the tent for the ceremony, I noticed right away their gorgeous saris. My eyes danced back and forth not only at the beauty of their clothing but also the warmth of their smiles. this was the start of my lesson in Indian culture, one which has profoundly changed my life. ( Yes.. more on that later)

Scott and Deepti's ceremony was perfect. Even tho the rain poured down. Even though there was a damp chill in the air. No one cared.. and no one let it stop the celebration. While we didn't get sun....it didn't change the mood at all. Including the final part of the night when D&S made sure to pull out the chinese lanterns for everyone to toss into the air. And at the end of the night..there they were... working hard yet enjoying every moment with those they love the most. I knew that the next wedding in store for these two would be nothing but life changing. 

More... on that later. 

Hair and Makeup : Wonderblush

Tent: Sperry Tents

2nd Shooter: Chris Paine


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