There are some people who come into your life that excite you. That give you a reason to do what you do. Who fascinate you, who make you curious as you were at 5 years old. 

Ava and Naseem did that for me. Essentially it was their love story that did it for me. If it could become a movie- I know a director would eat it up, produce it and all of us love fanatics would be there opening day. Well I kind of got to be there opening day...that is- their wedding day. 

Ava was heading home late one night and was hoping to catch the last metro car ride. Waiting in Guy-Concordia metro... along stumbled Naseem who also didn't want to miss his last train home. Their paths crossed and unbeknownst to them, forging a bond stronger than they could have imagined.  The last train never came and they spent that evening together on the streets of Montreal talking, connecting, letting sparks fly. 

As time passed, they became a unit and eventually nestled into a beautiful St. Henri apartment where they spent their time planning their wedding. Photos were a very important part of their day. Both Ava and Naseem are creative artistic people who appreciate all that Montreal has to offer and wanted their wedding to reflect that, but not put them over budget.

I was soo SO impressed with how perfectly they pulled it off. Everything was thoughtfully chosen..including her dress which she personally HAD DESIGNED... made just for her. (girls- isn't it incredible?!!?)  They chose the most unique restaurant- Bar Furco for their wedding, guests were able to enjoy fresh watermelon cocktails and incredible mouth watering food. Carmel from Atelier Carmel designed all the floral arrangements which matched the venue wonderfully. And Le Marais Event Design set up every corner with delightful decor providing cozy ambiance throughout the restaurant. Guests were swept away by not only the beauty surrounding them but by the love these two share.

I'll never forget this wedding, their story, their connection. It was truly an honor to be a part of telling their story. Please enjoy the day which unfolds for you below... and which must start off... with an image from inside a metro.... where their story began.

Bar Furco Montreal Wedding (28 of 62).jpg