It was the final day. 

The final ceremony. The Lagan. 

We were all eager. Tired. Wide eyed. Curious.

Everything thus far was a first for me and for many of the guests who arrived from Canada. 

At the end of the night, on the bus ride back to the hotel I cried. Pure exhaustion, and feeling like I crossed the finish line of a race I didn't train for. 9 years of photographing weddings had nothing on the past 4 days. Yet I made it.

Those same emotions flooded again once I edited the last image of this wedding. To be so connected to a couple for over a year. To be a part of many ceremonies, dedicated to their love. To explain their story one click at a time.

Speaking of their story, It started with their Canadian Wedding. Then at the end of November it was off to New Delhi India to document their traditional Indian Wedding. You can see the photoshoot we did here and their Devagon ceremony here . I have added below a few images as well of their lively and entertaining Mehndi Raat! (Can we please have choreographed dances at Canadian weddings?!!?!)

The richness of Deepti and Scott's wedding will be ingrained into my memory forever. Filled with intense colors of red and gold, much celebration and of course, lots of love. 

Mhendi Raat Indian Wedding Photographer (1 of 28).jpg

The Lagan Ceremony

Montreal Indian Wedding Photographer (5 of 26).jpg

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