When a friend comes to me about their wedding normally I know right away that they're asking for my services. It is pretty standard...we discuss the price we go through what they need/want. You know... normal business. When Pierre came to me and said he was getting married.... he didn't do any of that. In fact... I was thinking oh... he has already booked another photographer!

And that's OKAY people. Truthfully, I do not push my business on my family or friends. You already know what I do- so I don't need to remind you. The door is open, walk right in :) 

Only thing- Pierre just wasn't getting to the point- or any point. He wasn't walking through any door. Clearly I am not the most patient because I couldn't take it.


We laughed and sheepishly, in calm Pierre fashion he says "Well, I was going to get around to asking you"

The rest is history and there I was documenting this couples day.

I've got to be honest- this was the hardest wedding to photograph. I had to keep it together. To document the moment without being "in" the moment.

Pierre is without a doubt my brother. A kindred. And Aranka - (Hungarian for Erica) is his quiet-at-first sweet-as-honey wife who couldn't be a more perfect match for him. Through Pierre I've gained another family member. Seeing him this happy and seeing her- this centered and secure in his arms was what a wedding day is all about. The very next morning while looking through these images - I was able to cry... letting the pent up emotions all out. 

Pierre, Aranka. I love you both. I love who you are together. The power, the energy the contagion of love you spread to everyone around you. You as a couple are going to become something greater than I can even imagine. And I'm sure many will agree- we are the fortunate ones to be in your company and in your family. 

Thankyou. xox



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