If love was defined by pure adoration, cuddles and kisses and the longing for one another at every waking moment, I think we'd see a couple of these photos below the definition. Adriano and Priscilla are completely smitten with each other, as can be easily seen. 

Their wedding was beautiful complete with glorious October sunshine, and much laughter. They chose to wed outside at the Forest and Stream Club in Dorval. It's a charming once-mens club overlooking the St. Lawrence. Picture perfect, we settled in and photographed their love story. For a moment it felt like we were documenting a fairy tale. And heck, why not call it that. Fairy tales have romance, beautiful settings and sometimes a prince and princess. I think that sounds about right for these two. 

Something that warmed my heart was when we were about to do some portraits of just them, they kindly asked "would it be ok if we just took a moment away as a newlywed couple? We want to have a minute or two for ourselves." I melted a little and of course obliged. I learned something then and there. A wedding day is so chalk-full of everyone, everything and all the in-between. Be sure to take some time to yourselves. More importantly, continue that tradition into your many years together as one. This world is built to tear us apart from love, from quiet moments from true relationships. Thank you so much Priscilla and Adriano for teaching me that little life lesson. I owe you both for that.

Congratulations Priscilla and Adriano. You both deserve the world. The beauty in those words, is with each other- you've got exactly that.

All the best to you and yours. 

Flourist: Atelier Carmel


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