Mike came to me before he even popped the question, knowing that his soon-to-be wife was going to want me to photograph their elopement. I was smitten with the idea, since Ben and I also eloped. Yeup! I know what some of you are thinking....Did you turn and run the other way? Or perhaps some thought it's preposterous ... it's so wrong! It must mean the couple has something to hide! But no. Quite the contrary. Each story is different and each couple decides to have their wedding day either big, or small. Both are right. This couple has everything to be proud of including having a super intimate wedding day. Everything that love stands for, emulates from them both. And I cannot wait to share the rest of the images with you at a later time :)


Mike and Nathalie, here are a few previews of Friday. Including some which you have not seen yet :). ENJOY! 

Special thanks to Marie-Michele for the use of the hotel. We love your venue and your amazing service! Thankyou!

Venue: Le Place D'Armes Hotel & Suites


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