It was cold.


I mean COLD.

The little munchkins seen below battled through it, without a complaint and were the heros of the day. They have no idea how much power they truly had. I mean really, the photo shoot could have been completely shut down by these three should they have decided that "Enough is enough! Where's my hot coco!" (don't tell them though). However, they prevailed. So wonderfully too. Their smiles, their energy and their charisma. I cannot even tell you how much they warmed my heart, and how much I enjoyed photographing them, even if having to stop every few minutes to get the kleenex out.

Matt and Natalie as well as the kids grandma were troopers as well. It's a lot of work having 3 kids (two of which are twins!) and yet they carry the weight on their shoulders as though it's but a feather, making no fuss and just going with the flow. 

I love this photo shoot. I love these kids. And hopefully we'll do another shoot when the temperature rises to a more comfortable degree ;).


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