A Yacht club.... boats.... surrounded by water. A gazebo. And wait for it- the bride and her bridal party arriving on... you guessed it.. A BOAT!  SO many options. A true playground for a photographer. Tara having grown up in Hudson knew this would be the most appropriate place for her and Shane to not only share their vows but to also carry on the celebration all day. 

And then the inevitable happened.



All day freaking long. 

Now many know by now that if you have been so gifted to live in this part of the hemisphere, you certainly have 100% no guarantee on what the weather will be like. I mean look at this winter as a prime example. It has been above zero up until last weeks 'snowmageddon!" I always tell clients that you just never know what the weather will be like on your wedding day but...that as long as you're okay with that and are willing to have fun no matter what, it'll all work out. Tara and Shane did just that. They did not let the crap weather get the best of them. In fact, it worked amazingly for the images. To add a tempestuous rain to an emotionally-charged day .... it kinda just works. Maybe it's not the most perfect ideal. Maybe she had to dry her dress in the bathroom .... and maybe re-do her hair. Maybe it sucks sometimes. But having an easy going spirit on their wedding day.... people who do not let the weather get them down....well THAT is what it's all about.

We don't make lemonade out of lemons folks. We make margaritas. 

Valerie - my good friend and 2nd shooter for the day busted her tail, kept the mood high and happy the entire shoot. I was so thankful I had her with me! Towards the end of the evening, our 'shift' was over but we looked at each other and agreed- we deserve a little dance time after the wet day we all rocked. So lo and behold..guess who was on the dance floor. Yeup. Fact is...the atmosphere was awesome....the music- our kind of old school jams. We sat with family, and were equally treated as such. I felt so honored that day.... so grateful for this job that I do. Connecting with people on such an intimate level  is what sheds light on what would otherwise be just another 'rainy day.'

Thanks Tara and Shane for a crazy fun day. Thank you for braving the rain...yes....yet again so we could take advantage of the beautiful surroundings. Thank you for your trust. And the multitude of umbrellas. :) See you soon at Benelux!! xox

Hudson Yacht Club