The relationship between each couple is so different. And yet exactly the same. Which is why documenting weddings can have the same ebb and flow yet each wedding have a different rhythm, story and energy. 

One thing I knew before going into documenting their wedding was that Cesar did not like his photo being taken. He had already expressed during one of our meetings how he felt and knowing it was not one of his favorite pass times..... I knew that his love for Marcela would eventually peek through, as long as I gave them the distance needed. Perhaps a little bubbly was poured, enabling them both to forget I was even there. Once that barrier was brought down I could see the beautiful chemistry they have. She was excited the whole time to be with him. Him....fixated on his new wife. A heightened respect filled his eyes as he doted on her, helped with her dress and spoke to her kindly in all sincerity. Throughout the day I was able to see how they interacted, how at first it was a bit 'new' and exciting. I saw it unfold and become stronger, with each photo taken. Yes, much can be told within just 1 day. 

Thank you Cesar for letting me know how you felt about being photographed. I respect a client who opens up to me about their insecurities and also their passion. It helps me better understand you- personally. And how to help break down those feelings. On your wedding day you want to feel happy, alive, and in love. And not worry about all the craze surrounding you. You both allowed this. May these images help you re-live all the joy that circulated on this special day. 

Much love to you both xox