It was the most picturesque location, so cozy so perfect. Those who know Mont Tremblant know it for the ski hills, and the spas. (Both which are amazing) This day however was to be known as a life changing day for Dave and Kat as they exchanged vows and the two became one. Beforehand though,  were some special elements they added in to create a full weekend experience.

With guests came in from all over the east coast and Quebec creating a reunion of sorts for many of us. The day before the girls went to a spa while the boys hit up the golf course, setting the tone for the entire weekend.

My favorite part? Later that night as a bonfire was lit, it pretty much set the stage for what was to happen next. Kat and David snuggled up to one another...drinks were had and all were getting nice and toasty. With their closest friends, the fire burned bright and yes... sparks were indeed flying, the moment happened.... the bridal party said their speeches. It was the most intimate, touching, heart moving night before a wedding I had EVER experienced. Tears shed, TONS of laughter....truly perfection. 

As we all awoke with happy hearts and the smell of smoke on our pj's we were ready for day 2 - the big day. The house was a buzz with people running around, the laughter of children and a few tired eyes. I worked my way up to the top house where the 'pretty party' was in full swing. All the girls together getting ready, the smell of hairspray , the fresh pot of coffee being poured.... I couldn't imagine being anywhere else with such great gals and such an incredible view. 

With Dave's arrival to the top house to meet his soon-to-be wife, emotions were running high and yes, tears were a-flowin. I had to hold back as I've known this brother of mine for years..... and I knew how long he waited for this day. I told him it was all going to be okay and if it was alright with him, I was going to go get his bride. He said yes,  and the rest is as we know it...history.  

The day went off without a hitch and in true style, the Maritimers really showed us a party... and yes there may have been 2am donair dip on pizza. JUST MAYBE. And perhaps a game of "Would You Rather" around the fire. I loved everything about this wedding, the people, the ambiance, the music.. Most of all, the chance to have seen these two get married. Marriage is such a beautiful bond and one that I am happy to have been a part of.


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