When Erin and JF came to me, they had already decided to book me long before I even knew they were to be wed. Why? How? Well quite simply, they had already seen me in action.

Many of our clients have booked us as they've been at their friends wedding and seen us photograph it, or in these two instances, they were right there in the middle of it all as a bridesmaid (Erin- was in Brittney and Madrix's wedding last December) And JF? Well rewind 2 years earlier where he was the proud brother and groomsman watching his sister Emilie marry her love- Bruno. They knew how I worked, I had since then gotten to know them and let's face it, we wanted to work together.

On their wedding day, JF was calm, cool and collected. He doted on Erin throughout the day which is something we need to see more of. Chivalry at its finest. When a groom takes care of his soon-to-be bride it's a beautiful fore gleam of the future. That he'll continue doing so for many years to come. Being that he comes from a loving family, I have no doubt that he'll be doting on his sweet wife every day.
Erin's look could be defined as 'pure elegance with a touch of classic glamour.' I was proud of her. Her glow was that of a proud woman, ready to marry her best friend.

While there were some ups and downs leading up to the day, I had the chance to be there for her at some points. Sometimes it meant skyping with her when needed. And sometimes it meant putting my camera down and saying a little prayer. While documenting the day is the most important job I have...getting to be a friend on that day is a double duty requirement. We as photograhers have a role not only to take photos but also to make our client feel comfortable, secure and beautiful. That's an aspect of my job that I love and of course don't mind at all. Erin has become an incredible friend to me and has been there for many of her girls, as they have mentioned time and time again. She's that girl who is there in the good times and the bad. Loyal. Compassionate. A giver, not a taker. Qualities that not all people posses these days. For JF, this means he's married a woman who will stand by his side proudly through thick and thin. Who will be his best friend. Who will laugh when he laughs. Who will cry when he cries. Who will love back unabashedly. 

I give you both the biggest congratulations and look forward to spending more time with you two, sipping wine and reminiscing your wedding day. Let's do so soon, ok? Love you both! 


Venue: http://aubergesaint-gabriel.com/

Hotel: http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/yulsh-springhill-suites-old-montreal/

Special thanks to Kelvin Gooding for his awesome 2nd shooting skills! 
Reception Decor: Josie Lantinga


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