When a past bridesmaid comes to you, ready for her turn to be wed, to be documented... you share a special bond. You feel a level of comfort and understanding right from the start. Not only did I get to know Aisha at Mai & Jean Sebastien's wedding just 2 years prior, I got to share some time with her during her engagement session in Mont Tremblant with her handsome fiance Pierre and their new puppy Beau!  Aisha and Pierre have a sweet, kind and endearing connection with one another. He took care of her as we trecked through the woods back in February. They were game for anything on their engagement session and nothing was different on the wedding day. As the months passed with the planning of hers and Pierre's wedding, I saw just how hard working Aisha truly is. Dedicated to making sure the day was perfect, she had excel sheets, programs and itineraries... making the day smooth for everyone. This kind of planning was needed for the big event. Because low and behold, the weather decided to be the emotional one on the wedding day. Yet, we all prevailed and even snuck out at sunset to grab... a golden sky we didn't even think would happen! 

As the night progressed, and everyone sang along not once, but twice to "Aisha..Aisha" to the beautiful bride before them, you could definitely feel the love, support and celebration in the air. 

Thank you both for your patience through the wild weather and for your determination to have fun no matter what, rain or shine!! What an incredible day. Love you both Aisha & Pierre. xox

Location: Paradoxe Theatre

Performance by : Marco Tam Tam