The joy encountered by a photographer capturing life's biggest moments is unquestionably one of the driving forces for why we do what we do. Being able to capture the before and after of a new baby entering this world is pretty much a double dose of that joy.

During the maternity session, we get to experience a little bit of the pre-baby energy swirling around the emotions and the going's on. The beautiful glow of an expectant mother, the cute explanations coming from the older sister schooling us about what's inside mommy's tummy and the nervous excitement coming from dad. It's exciting, it's calm, and then it's anticipation all held together by one



Then there's the newborn session where I get to meet the little man or lady who has finally 'arrived'. As I enter the home and the air has clearly changed...things are very different. 

Laurier was born on March 11, handsome, healthy and ready to take on this thing called life. As soon as he was born I received photos and a message from Justine letting me know. Gosh he was beautiful. Just a few days later I arrived at their home here in Montreal documenting their sweet addition. These moments as I look back make my heart smile wide. I am so proud of these families. Raising a family is not easy but that doesn't mean it's not possible. And truly, they make it seem effortless and easy. Well done guys. And Simone, her transition with the new baby brother is going so well. She looks at him with a perplexity but then without hesitation, showers him with kisses and gentle caresses. She's going to take care of him I'm sure. 

I can't wait to photograph you guys again soon. In the meantime, here are some images from that lovely day we had together.