When two worlds collide in opposite ends of where they grew up it makes for a beautiful love story. 

This is the case with Nadia and Simon.

Nadia having grown up in Lebanon and Simon right here in Montreal. They both didn't realize what would hit them when they met. However it was clear on their wedding day back in August. Love was a powerful force that bound them together as one. 

They opted to wed in Simons neck of the woods at the Forest & Stream Club having all their friends and family fly in for their destination wedding. Why? Well currently they both live in Hong Kong. Yes that's right... Hong Kong. How cool is that? When I met with them over the holidays last winter I was smitten with their story and how they were really excited to come back here to celebrate for their big day. And while I have yet to go to Hong Kong, they spoke so highly of the life they're already building there together.... making me yearn even more to go there one day. 

Here are a few of my favorite memories of their gorgeous wedding. It was filled with rain but sporadically so, enabling us to duck in and out for photos. The result, moody romantic images. Which personally, suited their connection perfectly. :)