Where do I even begin. To tell you how wonderful these two are. 

We met over email, as I often do with my clients. 3 emails in, I came to find out that Jordan was a fellow maritimer and Jen was a girl who fell in love with this easy going, well natured sweetheart of a small-town-man. 

Jen and I obviously hit it off and she was ready to book before we even met! I insisted on at least a Skype session (skype's cool you know) and voila, the deal was sealed.

They had already chosen their venue before it was fully built. I was seeing a trend here. They knew what they wanted and didn't need persuasion. Their venue was nestled in Dunham at a beautiful vineyard. The L'orpailleur has a gorgeous setting and with their brand new reception hall built, it was fully squeaky-clean ready for the Maritimers to bust a few moves on the dancefloor. Truly, a perfect balance of city-meets country. Jen and Jordan know how to please a crowd.

My favourite part of the night? When some of the guests who have known each other since high school broke out their dancing shoes to James Brown. It was too good. So good that I kindly asked the DJ to play some more. SO good..that I may have joined them. What? I love to dance. The men danced, the women sang and for a moment, I felt like I was home. Then I realized...wait a minute....we all were home. 

Venue: L'Orpailleur Vineyard Dunham

Dress: Bonny Bridal