Whenever I try to start off a wedding blog post, I'm at a loss. Completely. I try to be totally poetic, to capture all my viewers hearts. And yet I fumble, fall and come out with sentences that aren't even a full train of thought. Why do I struggle so HARD to present in writing what this couple is like... their personalities, their story. I suck at it. So why do I try!?! Because I want to give even more to my listener. To show you how truly beautiful these people are on the inside. To bring you into their story. And yet, time after time I'm at a loss for words. Then I step back and realize hey.... my job is not to write a story. My job is to CAPTURE their story. So ...how about we all stick to what we're good at and focus on that. 8 years into this storytelling business and I've only just figured that part out ;) 


 One thing I MUST absolutely say is how much I love this girl. At the end of the night, she and I both hugged each other and didn't want to let go. We got teary eyed. We told each other we loved each other and how happy we were to have met. That my friends.... was a true friendship...that actually started on.... you ready? PINTEREST. Yeup. I can't even lie about this one. She found my work on pinterest, all the way in Edmonton Alberta and the rest is history. (thanks pinterest!) How do you connect with a stranger though whom you've never met ? And I mean I'm the professional here...so I've got to keep things structured so she trusts me right? Wrong. We snapchatted, Instagrammed and quickly I realized this girl was a special one. Someone who, a lot like me, is a free bird who loves to laugh...even if at herself. As the weeks past I couldn't wait to meet her in person and get this show on the road. I'll stop talking and let the photos do the rest. 

Adnan and Marta, there's love and then there's being IN love. You both are enveloped in the love you've built together. Do not break away from that. It's beautiful, it's everything. Continue to dote after one another as I saw you do on the wedding weekend. You guys are an example to follow. A couple who I wish lived closer. Until then. Thank you for letting me be your photographer. I wish I could do it all over again!! xox

Hair & Makeup - Kat & Lea

MUA: Mookie Salinas

Officiant: http://celebrantboulanger.com/