If you have yet to meet me, one thing you must know....is I absolutely love everything to do with England. English people, English food, the accent (obviously) and so on.


They are funny. Their humor is the BEST.

Their so kind, so loving...every single Brit I've met treats you like family. 

They have a lot of pubs. No explanation necessary.

They say Rubbish...and have so many other amazing sayings. I needs to write them down.

They're just the best. :) 

You see, for our 3 year anniversary, Ben and I whisked away across the pond on a 3 week European vacation which to this day, is one of my most favorite trips in our 10 years of travelling. It was our first taste of Europe and the first place on our list was London. And seriously.... Wow... I felt like I was in a dream. The accents, the sights..the sounds. It was PERFECT. I long to go back again. Until then, I once in awhile get to hang out with our friends from there and on this occasion 2 weeks ago, photograph them!

Simon who I met many moons ago moved to Montreal for work, married a Montreal gal (beautiful Ariane) and has been here ever since. His family decided to come over to visit this month and for Simon and Jason's parents anniversary, they decided to surprise them with a family photo shoot here in Montreal! I was of course excited to be a part of this, rain or shine.

I prayed for shine... 

Of course it rained.

Gerry, Simon's dad made sure to say regarding the misfortune: 'It doesn't let off this rain here now does it? Not quite like London!' I looked at him, laughed and agreed. Downpour it did but luckily we were able to find some indoor spots around the Science Center. Harry was able to run around and we all had such a fantastic time. Towards the end, hunger hit so what better place to finish the shoot off than at my favorite pub- Burgundy Lion. I was worried it wouldn't live up to their England standards but the moment we walked in, I got a 'well done Ashley!" as they walked around admiring the British memorabilia .... football jerseys, portraits of the queen etc. We all ordered the same thing... a pint and their burger and chips (yes...chips.. I can't dare say fries!!!) and a good time was had by all. 

I cannot wait to see you all again. Thankyou for the fun we all had... you made me feel for a moment like I was in my second home.... beautiful England. 

Until next time... Cheerio! (sorry...had to.)