Home. What defines home? Is it where the heart is? Is it wherever you settle down? Is it many places at the same time? I have yet to figure that out. However when I came to this 'home' this past summer it was not just to visit family and to relax by the pool (Although that definitely did happen). It was also to document a little story of boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy and girl build their own home. Then boy and girl get married. At home. I was actually and legitimately excited for this wedding. Not only was it the very small town I grew up in, it was in their front yard. How much more intimate and personal does it get than that?

Katie and Jon knew each other for a few years before the decided to tie the knot. He's originally from St. Stephen and Katie from Woodstock New Brunswick. I went to school with Katie's sister Kelly and when Kelly asked me if I ever do weddings outside of Montreal my answer was a resounding YES! With that answer it wasn't long before the date was booked and I was ready to 'come home' and document their beautiful day. 

They chose to have the ceremony and reception right there in their front yard which overlooked the picture perfect St. John River. I grew up driving along those roads and watching the sun set over the water. It's just beautiful. With all their friends and family there to witness the big day I felt a calming. There were familiar faces and as the day progressed I was able to catch up with some from school. I finally felt at peace with this place as being home. A place I fought against for so many years. It's now the place I love. As it truly is. A town where everyone is your neighbor. Where if they do not know you personally all you have to do is tell them literally- who your daddy is- (pun intended? maybe) and they're like OH! Your ROBS Daughter! And just like that- you're family. Or at least a long lost friend. Katie and Jon treated me as though I was family and I couldn't have asked for a better couple to work with.

As guests partied and I stayed around to perhaps...just perhaps dance a little too...some of the bridesmaids kept coming up and insisting 'get your husband to come! Bring him too!" I just couldn't believe the kindness and true generosity of everyone. I smile as I write this and I thank everyone who was at this wedding who took the time to chat. I needed it. I needed to see what I was missing out on. I cannot wait to come back next summer and see what 'home' will bring. For this time around it brought family, friends and a new found appreciation for..you guessed it..home.

A special thanks to Kelly for making this happen. You were always so kind to me even tho I was always the extrovert at school. Thanks for trusting in me for your sisters wedding! 

Keely- We've always had so many laughs!!! I'm glad we finally got to dance...AT a wedding...(although not ours) Jagged Edge- Let's get married! One day I'll be photographing you walking down the aisle to it. 

Jon & Katie- Thank you thank you THANKYYOU. You two were so willing to work for the photos. In that heat too. I was able to get into my zone and that's only because of how awesome you guys were. Sending you so much love and happiness. Thanks for trusting in me! xox