Mai and Jean Sebastien. I honestly do not have enough time in my day to write what I wish. What I want to describe is how this duo rocked my year with their wedding. With their e-session even. How their kindness blew me away. How they were the example to follow in how to enjoy your wedding day. Yet, at what point do I put the "pen" down? How do I make my readers feel what I felt on their day? I'm not sure. But let's start with a few words and then some pictures And if less really is more, then I'll try to keep it short and sweet. Less words, more photos right? Right.

These two are beautiful in every sense of the word. Not only do they share an intimate bond that was witnessed by all on June 14th, 2014 but they also share something in common with said witnesses. Their friends are as amazing as the couple aforementioned. As a photographer, I've never been treated so kindly and so much like family as I did by their 'entourage'. Everyone poured out their generosity, constantly asked if myself and James needed anything and on more than one occasion, made sure we had glasses in hand. (with yummy beverages of course).

Guests "made it rain" bubbles all day and partied from beginning to end. The dj was amazing, the videographer incredible. They hired the right people for the job, and included the right friends and family for the bridal party. As the night carried on I didn't want to leave. I felt like I was in photography paradise. Fast forward to 11-or-so-o'clock. Mai's cousin hit the stage with his dancing. I don't even know how to describe it.... other than insane. Actually I was jealous. (I use to think I could dance. Then I saw him.) Later, Mai surprised the crowd with her late night changing of dresses. She graced center stage in her custom Vietnamese gown, fit for a queen. I was in awe. How could a bride, so beautiful to begin with stun the guests once again? But she did. Effortlessly with the utmost grace.

Into the wee hours of the night while all danced, sang, laughed and cried I was certain of one thing. These two were loved beyond measure. As I pan through these images again and again I am reminded that love is shown in a smile, in a simple touch. In the watchful gaze of ones admirer. I'm taught that adoration can be felt with every inch of one's being.  Mai and JS are spectacular examples of the above. 

Mai.... Jean Sebastien..what I wish to say is this: know that I loved every second of documenting your day. Thank you for 100% trusting me and my vision. May these photos be my gift to you. And please, never change. 

**** Check out their video at the bottom created by Patrick Saad and his team at Fabula Films. We loved working with them!!! You rock guys! 

2nd shooter: James Paul Correia 

Videographer: Patrick Saad 

DJ: Big Beat Dj Productions 

Makeup Artist: Nelly Makeup Artist 

Venue: Madison Hall 


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