"Distance makes the heart grow fonder." I'm in a love-hate relationship with that. No matter how many times I hear it... I really think it should read:

"Distance hurts. It stinks. It's caca."

La fin.

Not as whimsical huh? 

Yeah well, I'm no poet. 

But I am a photographer ;) When my 'twin' (as we call ourselves) decided to come visit I knew I wanted to show my love for her and photograph how I see her. We decided to go to the Old Port of Montreal and just enjoy it as tourists, snapping images, sipping coffee and enjoying life together. Let me tell you however a bit about this beauty.

Caralyn has been the type of person who over the years has grown and accepted herself as the capable woman she was all a long. Always the quiet serene one, I quickly understood that although not the loudest in a room, should something need to be uttered, she'd say it. Even if it was the hardest thing for her to do. I liked her. If something was funny she wasn't afraid to laugh out loud. And hard. Gutteral. (let's just say it's awesome )

There's another endearing quality about her that makes her stand out from the rest. As I mentioned in a previous blog post recently - long distance friendships are very hard on me. Caralyn will always take the effort no matter how small to touch base, water the 'friendship plant' keeping it alive and well. It may be something as tiny as a quote. As a 'thinking of you'. But when she says it she means it and there's no greater person I'd rather hear it from than you Care.

Few people do we expose our vulnerability to. The tender moments where all we want is a dark cave. But the first person you DO think about is someone who never judges. Who actually wants to be there for you. You've wiped my tears, picked me up off the ground (literally) and listened as I called just to be an emotional mess on the phone. (insert last week Caralyn? :) )  When I asked you once to come visit, you booked the next train. I am forever indebted to you and your kindness you've shown. 

Distance may hurt.... it may make us sad. However the silver lining is where we put our focus. It's the painful appreciation. For while we do not get that physical connection everyday, we must seize the opportunity as it comes to reconnect with our loved ones, to capture their beauty all over again. Reclaiming what we once felt, thought, saw and experienced at the last encounter.

Caralyn thank you for not giving up on our friendship. Through the quiet times the loud, the fun, you have always shown me who a true friend is. May I always be so fortunate so as to have you in my life. See you soon :)