I loved Michelle when I first met her (not only because she genuinely loved my very missed pup, Betsey) but because she was so honest with me. Some of her first words were telling me about her big wedding that she was doing for her fiance. I liked that. One of the first lessons in marriage, is that we sometimes must do things we don't necessarily feel up to doing for the one we love. It could mean having to take out the trash.... it could mean we have to cook a meal we do not particularly like. And for Michelle, it meant not only having a big wedding, but as Michael said that night- it also meant she had to plan it all. Folks, she's nothing short of amazing. 

You two are such driven, honest hearted people who put your everything into all you do and yet, it seems as though it happened effortlessly. This day was nothing short of that. Not every bride and groom's story is the same. Each wedding we photograph proves this. And your's was no exception. I really am so impressed with how well it all came together. Kudos, truly.

As you both embark on your new life and jobs together in Ottawa, never forget the strong connection you both have, that you've created, that you've nurtured and had grow even over long distance. A feat, some might say would never happen. And yet, here we have images proving that love can withstand distance and in fact flourish despite it. Congratulations you two. I wish you both all the best. xox

MUA- Amy Klein (you're amazing! xox) 


Grand Lodge Wedding Mont Tremblant

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