I'm guessing if you were to ask Jazzett what's one of the most important things in her life... I'm thinking she'd say family. From what I saw the weekend I went to St. Thomas Ontario to photograph her wedding, and even before that... it was very evident. Her own sister was so loving as to call me up , and do the research on her behalf. I give you mad props Chalace! You really showed your love for your sis. She's one lucky gal. 

Then there's Gavin. Sweet and maybe a bit shy at first, but under that veil he has a keen desire to please and make everyone happy. Including his new wife :). 

Their wedding was a mix between new and old, new glam and vintage romance. They tastefully chose the St. Thomas Railway Museum for photos and then we moved on just a stones-throw to the actual St. Thomas Train Station which has been converted into a beautiful reception hall. No details were spared for their day and as is evident in their smiles and laughter below, they were a truly excited couple, ready to start their lives together as one. 

Guests danced and partied on into the wee hours of the night, and perhaps I did too. There's something wonderful about small-town weddings. It's the feeling of home. The undeniable presence of love and kindness that flows throughout the day amongst family and friends. That theme is what Jazzett and Gavin wanted and they definitely got it. Congrats you two! 

Another huge thanks must go to the team behind the scenes. They had brought in a makeup artist from Toronto whom I adore. Andre Hebert who works for Dior is an exceptional MUA. He's travelled all across North America, beautifying actresses and models alike. His work is phenomenal. Ladies...hire a professional. The difference is exceptional. Also my personal assistant and friend for life, Caralyn. You were my right hand the entire day. I was blown away at how attentive and assertive you were. I shouldn't be surprised. You ARE my twin ;) haha. (same eyes and all, right? ;) ) Love you sweets. xox 

St. Thomas Railway Museum

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