It's pretty cool to photograph people. To document them, their families, marriages, new births and so on. It's another thing to be able to photograph people who have been influential in your own growth as an entrepreneur and who were an integral part in shaping you as a business person.

Meet Josh, Justine and Simone.

Josh was one of those people who played that very role. Having known him and worked for his company from 2008-2012, I observed a lot and while he keeps his personal life...well...personal.... It was always clear how much he admired his wife Justine and the value she had in his life. What's more was being able to document them this summer and capturing both of their pure adoration of the newest addition, beautiful Simone. Often we do not get to see the other side of our coworkers or bosses. Therein lies the joy of my work. Being able to show who people really are, behind our day jobs and behind the regular hustle and bustle of 'life'.

 All this being said, sometimes leaving a job can be tough on both employer and employee. I was leaving a family. One that nurtured me. That helped me spread my wings and go off to start my own company. I left the doors open to show them hopefully, in some way my gratitude for what they did for me. I wanted to give back. Because really, if it wasn't for these remarkably intelligent professional mentors, I certainly would not be where I am today.

I am forever thankful for them giving me the training and direction I needed to be the business person I am today. Josh and his co-owner are highly respected in my books. Not only for their drive for the work they do, but also for their love of life and love of family. 

Josh and Justine, thank you so VERY much for giving me the opportunity to take a glimpse inside your family life. I treasure what you allowed me to do that day. Your love of Simone is unwavering. And I have no doubt that she too will grow to be an amazing daughter, friend, wife and business woman :) .