Aaron and Bailey are off on their honeymoon tomorrow, which is much deserved. More than you can imagine. Seeing as how they had to cancel their wedding due to visas not being processed on time. Why? Poor judgement on their part? No!  Due to... oh I don't know... a government going on strike. Closing down! Yes you all remember now don't you? And while it didn't seem to affect many of us it certainly did alter plans for these two. Our hearts were saddened along with them and as they had to choose another date we all were praying that it would go through this time. Needless to say as soon as his visa came through, their "second wedding date" came around, and round 2 of invitations sent out, we finally got to celebrate for real this time. Indeed, there was much exultation. 

I cannot wait to see you two grow together. You've already shown what you're love is made of. A double measurement of patience with a ton of perseverance. Extra compassion and understanding and a whole lot of celebration. That sounds like a recipe for success. Keep strong guys. We love you immensely. 

Here are just a few teasers of the day! 

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