When a love story between two people from opposite ends of the world takes place it's really quite special. Even though these two are both Italian, they come from very different backgrounds making their story unique and similar at the same time. 

Meet Tania. Tania, hailing from Montreal grew up in a loving family where she was later in her teen years learning to speak the language of love....

sì.... Italiana.

At first it was not always to her pleasure. However she stuck with it and became very fluent. Now meet Nicola. Nicola comes from a small town in Italy, and little did he know that he'd be meeting a Canadian girl and calling her his wife. As she decided to put her Italian to good use, she moved to Italy to do her studies. Lo and behold this is where their romance started. 

For their wedding in Montreal they opted to have it on a beautiful picturesque setting in Rigaud at the Au Vieux Moulin. It's so idyllic and peaceful, I absolutely hope to go back. Family came from Italy and all over Montreal as well as Philadelphia, making for a fun energetic group of people who love Tania and Nicola immensely. Making sure to incorporate true Italian flare, they had the absolutely mind blowing caterer Franca Mazza. I'm putting down my thoughts on life right now to tell you- this was the best wedding food I've EVER had. It was homemade fresh ingredients, as though we were transported to an Italian mothers kitchen. Everything was executed perfectly. I will always remember that meal and pray that I get to document another wedding where her art in taste and presentation gets served!

Enjoy these moments from their beautiful Italian summer wedding. Where the love was abundant, Italian words dancing through my ears and the food...exquisite. Thank you both for making the day so easy and fluid. And not to forget that nightcap Nicola...my first negroni. ;)  Love you two!


DJ: Shane Oliveira

2nd Shooter: Richard Pham