With change comes adaptation. Some things change, some stay the same. One thing that has changed in the wedding photography industry is what people want. It used to be that everyone wanted a wedding album, the prints a CD and everything in between. Today? "We just want High Resolution images and uhhh, can they come on a USB?" That doesn't mean we all under value the tangible. However with so many these days taking an interest in photography as a hobby and having access to images by the second, the question that comes into play is "do we really need a photo in hand?"  Should we retire the wedding album all together? Or can the paper album and a digital album both work together? I think yes. In fact, I know that yes, on screen images have an impact and off screen, in hand on printed page, images can also move you like nothing else can.

 Let me explain.

See the Bigger Picture. Literally.

These days we view most of our images on our mobile devices and on other screens. This, folks, can be very limiting. Yes, the images are at our fingertips in seconds. This is amazing. Technology has never been more advanced or more versatile than it is now. Yet it does have its limitations. The experience stops there. We cannot touch a photo with our eyes. We cannot see an onscreen image as it should be seen. Large, UP close, with the right shadows, the right colours. The way the storyteller intended for it to be seen.

So many times I have clients telling me "I'm looking at the images Right NOW on my phone!!!!"  My heart sinks. I know the images are still great on the phone! Yet..... the experience is stunted. One could liken it to going to see a 3D movie in a regular theatre, without the glasses or the thrilling 3D effects. What do you miss? DETAILS. You miss a connection to the larger picture. Trailing up and down over the story happening before our eyes. Now imagine the 3D IMax experience. We all know that moment when we put on the 3d glasses. BOOM. There is nothing wrong with just seeing a plain ole movie. For most people, though 3D is just a better experience. It's designed for your viewing experience. When making an investment in the most amazing day in your life....do you not want those moments captured to be presented in the best way possible? To wow you for years to come? Up close and personal? The answer is obvious.




The sense of sight is a huge emotional trigger. This is why I love photography so much. The sense of touch could arguably be an even stronger trigger. Hence why albums are necessary to fulfill the experience. 

These two senses live next to each other. Best friends, partners in crime. The happiest of neighbours. Pairing them as a photographic storyteller is an integral part of my job. Because, it's one thing to see an image. It's quite another to feel it up close and personal. Point in case.  When was the last time you saw something so beautiful it caused you to stop. To not just walk on by. You inspected it, connected with it. As the old expression goes "STOP.............. and smell the roses.". Don't just look at them. Stop..peer..touch..feel. Why? Because human desire is to make a connection with that which is around us. It's in our nature. Shouldn't it be the same when reliving our wedding day?


Some say that "love" is intangible. I rather challenge that statement and make it tangible by taking an image once captured and handing it to you. The expressions I've witnessed from clients seeing their photos for the first time in PRINT has proven that albums are an emotional trigger. But enough of me talking. Come on over for a tea, cookies and a perusal through our albums. You be the judge.


I photograph weddings to ensure my clients experience their wedding day over and over again, better than they ever could have imagined. The fullest experience? Is allowing the story to be told page by page, moment by moment.  








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