To say I was excited for this wedding is an understatement. Being added to the 'secret pinterest board'.... discussing with Kristen the venue location, the colours, the details. You know, all the fun stuff that a wedding entails. It was originally to be in NYC. Who wouldn't be excited to photograph there!? Then ... it took a sudden turn ....for the better. St. Thomas baby. St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

Kristen and I met 6? 7 years ago? I'm terrible with dates. But all I know is we hit it off and have been friends ever since. She's the opposite of me. In a good way. Ever so quiet, sweet and calm. I need friends like that in my life. They can settle you no matter the stress or commotion. All she needed to say was " want to come over for some tea?" And I was there. We graduated into the glass of wine and from there our friendship bloomed. She saw me in my worst times, and some of the better. There has always been a full sense of trust in our friendship and when she told me she was dating Denis, I knew he was the one. The best one. For her, and for her beautiful personality. Don't ask me how exactly...But there was something different about her once she started dating him. Inner peace? Contentment? Probably and one of the most important signs...was she was in complete, utter LOVE.

Denis I had met previously when I had photographed Tara and Samson's wedding   He stood for Samson, his cousin and we all partied the night away. The funny thing about Denis, is he too is a quiet, soft spoken guy who could qualify as the most gentlemanly guy out there (besides my husband of course). Denis is good to her. He respects her, he lets Kristen be "Kristen".... The only thing we all wish, is that they did not live so far away :) .

I had a chat with a few family and friends that were at the wedding in St. Thomas. Discussing their feelings towards the couple. It was across the board unanimous....we all couldn't be more thrilled for the two. When you have someone who is so wonderful, to the core. ALL you want is for that person to find their special someone. In this case, that happened. Times 2. We all agreed that this is what Kristen and Denis have found. We were the fortunate ones to have been invited to share, to celebrate and to connect with them on their wedding day. Thank you KK and Denis. I hope that soon we can get together for some tea and laughter. In the meantime, congrats to the both of you....on finding your perfect match. 



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