There are not enough words to describe fully how beautiful this 3 day celebration was. So thankfully we have photos. SO MANY photos that we will be breaking it up for your viewing pleasure ;). 

This first set of images document day 1 - where all guests flew in from Vancouver, Montreal and Japan to enjoy getting to know one another at the world renowned Sunstone Winery in Santa Ynez, California. The set up of design and flowers was prepared by Alegria by Design. Not only was the wine delish but also the food which was presented to us by Omni Catering made me drool.... a little. Their taste was impeccable as you'll see below, not a detail was missing. With the wine glasses filled, the light chatter and laughter filled the air. It was the perfect time for us to all unwind under the Californian sun.

About that sun.

I had always heard how incredible the 'sunshine state' was and finally feasting with my very own eyes I saw what was so golden, so honeycomb, so intense of a sunset. I cannot really explain it but nothing beats it and I highly suggest that your next trip be to Cali. Trust me. 

Jade had flown in a special celebrational wine, one that he patiently had nesting for 30 years. No greater time was now to share with Jade and Chelsea's closest family and friends the 1980 Dunn Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon. Would it taste ok? Would it knock our socks off? Nobody knew until that first sip was taken. With Jade's words summing it all up: "It was the best wine I have ever had in my whole life." Folks, I've not had many wines of that caliber...but I can tell you that it indeed was a once in a lifetime treat to experience this smooth velvety glass of wonderfulness.  Towards the end of the soiree we had the wonderful opportunity to try the vineyards very own Port directly poured from the cask, a new experience for many of us there and a perfect treat to end the perfect evening. 

Certainly, one might say the night was perfect. And yet we only just got started. With wine glass in hand we were ready for the next day's festivities!