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R&N - Golf Le Mirage Celine Dion Wedding


R&N - Golf Le Mirage Celine Dion Wedding

Weddings in June and July here in Montreal have one thing in common- you never truly know what the weather will be like. In my 10 years of photographing weddings- more often than not there's a chance of rain...and that chance becomes 90% chance. It's just the way we have to roll.... I always have umbrellas in my trunk... cute ones of course. But if I could have it my way- I'd have 'sunny with a chance of clouds" ... because let's be honest- clouds are so dreamy!

And that's exactly what we got for R&N's beautiful wedding just outside of Montreal in Terrebonne- at Celine Dion's - yes you heard right... Celine Dion's Golf course. This woman does everything apparently and one thing she did right was the beautiful design inside and out of this golf course. A little off the regular beaten path of wedding venues- this one is my absolute favorite golf course wedding venue so far. With exposed wood beams inside and outside.... waterfalls in more than one location- it was a sort of playground for me and my camera. 

R&N were up for photos not only during the cocktail hour but we also snuck them out at sunset for a few more...which is actually my favorite time to do photos. No harsh sun- no one else around- just the two of them taking a few moments to themselves. The results? Take a look for yourself! 

Venue:  Golf Le Mirage

2nd Shooter: Ned Mansour


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Anne-Marie & Jean-Jeremie  - Montreal Omni Hotel Wedding


Anne-Marie & Jean-Jeremie - Montreal Omni Hotel Wedding

I met Jeremie 2 years ago at his brothers wedding - one I also happened to photograph which you can see here: Mai & Jean Sebastien. There's something deeeeeply special about these brothers and all those who surround them. I noticed that at his brothers wedding where I quickly formed bonds with the bridal party as well as their parents. They were all so welcoming and kind, treating us as though we were long time friends, rather than vendors. That my friends is sooooo important when it comes to your photographer (soap box moment maybe? :)  I won't go on preaching too much I promise! But all this to that what goes around comes around... and when a photographer is working their 'lil tail off for 12 hours, nothing makes it better than being able to have a blast with the bride and groom. I still have such amazing memories from Mai and JS's wedding..and now, that has been doubled by Anne & Jeremie's wedding that took place this summer at the Omni here in Montreal.

Everyone was game for everything... and of course that included stopping for beer and pizza before the bridal party photos. (Who would ever say no!?) Anne and Jeremie really made sure to take care of everyone the entire day which was evident through all the details including that moment when they could be outside taking more pics but no, food first. Of course we got some great photos in there and as we were now fully charged to take on the construction pylons, the tourists and the hot sun we took on the city. 

Jeremie and his brother JS have taken on a whole new level of business as well... which I must mention here...being that you see it all through the pictures. What is that? Their newly launched company- Suitablee. Custom made suits....that YOU customize yourself. It's SO GENIUS and SO PERFECT for this industry, where groom after groom spends all this money on a suit that may not fit them exactly so..or there are not as many options as needed to get that perfect color to match the bridesmaids. Needless to say I'm soooo proud of them for going after this and working so hard to see their dreams come true. Please check out their I know many of you understand the suit struggle ;)  



Jeremie and Anne.... words cannot express my true love for you both. Your faith in what I do .... you guys literally gave me this feeling I can honestly say I've never received from any other couple ever. It's true what they say that when someone believes in you, you can achieve anything. I felt like I could climb a mountain on your wedding day. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart for letting me do what I do and trusting me. As you would say Jeremie.... WE WERE KILLING IT!!!!!!!!!! :)  


Love you two xox