I've known this family for years. Use to live in the same city as them and while they knew me during my not-so-great-years...they were always so kind, so sweet to me. I will never forget that... .. even when my nickname was "Party Hearty" (yes...that's a fact I only recently became aware of! ) they were always 'that family'...who I grew to love and adore especially these gorgeous sweet children of theirs. 

While I was in New Brunswick for a wedding which will be posted soon!! ... I got the chance to photograph the 4 of them in Victoria Park. We all had so much fun in the hot July sun. Seeing them all interact the way they do- so lovingly...so carefree... made me miss home a little bit more. Made me wish I could just hop on a plane and visit these families who without judgement watched me slowly but surely grow up from my craze-phase and become who I am today. Thank you guys for not giving up on little ole' me. It's families like yours who I always look up to- who welcome anyone and everyone regardless of their background or past. I love good people and surrounding myself with them. You four are no exception. xx