Judith and I have been 'online' friends for a few years now... as she too is a photographer, it's always fun to be able to connect with those who love the same things you do :)  

There's a sort of serenity about Judith and Edward. They are true examples of love. When I told them to just enjoy each other's company..they didn't get all akward or weird. They filled the role perfectly and totally forgot I was there. Therefore, allowing our "Love Session" to unfold :) 

I'm so happy we finally got to meet Judith! It was a long time coming and you guys are awesome for driving all that way, the day before you were heading out on your own excursion to find some cute puffins. You guys are too much. I love your cuteness. 

Until next time... enjoy your images! (especially your fur-baby's photobomb in the last one. ;) ) xox