While I have bags to pack and running around to do before Ben and I take our long 1 month trip to Costa Rica ( Whaaaaaaaaaaat!!!?!?!) I have to stop and share this gorgeous wedding with you. 

Imagine a love that spans across borders...one that is strong and undeniably strengthened by determination and a will to make it no matter what. That's Mattea and Myles. Two who are so right for each other, who care, dote, respect and nuture for every single day. To be a part of this wedding was nothing short of being completely special. 

The fact that they chose a location that has NEVER had a wedding before also was so unique and truly breathtaking as the sun set over the lighthouse ..across the Bay of Fundy. What better backdrop to say 'I do' to your forever human? 

We cannot wait to see you both again and love you incredibly!!