Getting married on a Sunday is becoming something more and more common here in Montreal and in other parts of the world. I actually don't mind it. There's something more leisurely, calm and zen about a Sunday wedding. The champagne bubbles a little more, the traffic is less havoc (a big deal here in Montreal in the summer...ON LABOR DAY WEEKEND!) And the bride is just as happy as could be, but with a slight chill vibe. Or maybe it was just Alexandra. She's got a way about here that draws everyone in ...and her husband Nick is pretty much the same. They didn't let anything bother them on the sunny 4th of September and decided to let things roll as they should.

Can we talk a minute about Alex's gorgeous blush dress?? It totally was the show stopper of the day and I've got to be honest, I think I now have my favorite dress!  The groomsmen's blue suits complemented the pink perfectly as did the hot September sun for their outdoor nuptuals. My favorite part of the day was during dinner, when they agreed to duck out to capture some sunset photos atop the Montreal Casino. It was.....nothing short of magical. The colors, the grandiose feeling of the architecture behind them while they sat there, so small...taking in their wedding day. It was perfect.

While the party went late into the evening, guests were able to relax outside or rip up the dancefloor. Either way everyone was HAPPY, calm and relaxed while still being in the celebration mood. One couldn't have asked for a better Sunday wedding! 

Love to you BOTH Alex & Nick! And I hope we can get together again soon to share in a beer while reminiscing your fabulous day ! xx 



Marriott Hotel Montreal