When Kelly and Collin came to meet me for the first time. I was super distracted. By the cutest little girl ever. They came in super relaxed, easy going with their darling little daughter Kate in tow. Having a grinning sparkly-eyed darling sitting in on the meeting kept things light and happy, and yes, me constantly cooing and doing everything I could to make her laugh. SHE'S SO CUTE. You'll see in the photos below :) 

As we carried on in conversation, topics included our love of hockey, (of course specifically the habs) and our mutual consent that weddings should not be stuffy but rather fun celebrations where people can just relax and enjoy themselves. Also finding out that Kelly trains at our gym just down the street, I thought to myself, we are pretty much neighbors. THEN...Collin tells me he's originally from New Brunswick. Well that pretty much sealed the deal for me, as I felt like I was sitting with family I had known for years. Match. Made.

Their day approached and just as I had expected, they were cool as cucumbers. Friends and family showered them with praise, affection and jokes. Kate was beautiful (totally an easy going baby)... smiling all day long.  Kelly made sure she had one thing. Her laptop. While getting ready episodes of her favourite show - The Big Bang Theory were playing in the background. The tone was set for a joyus wedding. And that it was. The peaceful surroundings at the Manoir Grant in Valleyfield gave their outdoor wedding a beautiful backdrop. While we were concerned it might rain, we knew we'd deal with it but alas, hardly a drop fell. Collin and Kelly were up for anything, even climbing not once, but twice up towards the old dam that was once used and perhaps it also included some huge power lines. Yeah, they rocked it. 

Thank you both for making Kelvin and I feel at home, and like we were guests too. We had so much fun documenting your day and being able to tell your story. You three make such a happy family. One that we wish many years to come of cutness overload from Kate and a stanley cup win or two from our good ole' Habs ;) .

Second Shooter: Kelvin Gooding

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