It's so much fun to help make dreams come true. To see a relationship from the beginning stages all the way to the last dance on the wedding day, and even beyond that- enjoying a picnic with said couple just last weekend. Cindy said she always wanted me to photograph her wedding...and she'd follow up with "NOT that it's going to happen anytime soon but WHEN it does!' I stored that thought in my Rolodex for the time being. As we watched their relationship grow and unfold, their connection was strong. Her attentiveness to him with a simple wink, back rub or kiss was all signs for the inevitable. ... a wedding was going to come sooner than we all expected. Sure enough.... that day came on June 3rd.

Cindy-Rose and Jono.

Two fiercely in love people who have found their soul mates in each other. Many have said Cindy Rose and I are similar and we do not disagree. Both having started our roots in New Brunswick yet we only met here in Montreal- she's so down to earth, a little loud at times ( and she'll thankyou for that compliment!) who is passionate about everything she believes in. How could you not love a girl like that!? We think the same on many topics and I grew to love her more and more.

Jono is much like my hubby Ben. Intelligent, kind and always looking to help others, he's a soft spoken man with so much to give. Once he opens up you meet a beautiful person who knows what he wants and truly got that in his wife Cindy. 

Being able to travel to Kitchener Ontario to document their mid morning wedding was super exciting for me. Yes, even to be in Kitchener Ontario, I love photographing weddings in new locations. It sparks the creativity, allowing new ideas to flow and fun photos to be taken. Their wedding was intimate with only the closest friends and family. Truly a treat to be a part of it. 

On that note, enjoy these images taken on their wedding day. I bet you'll smile as she smiles and laugh as he laughs in each image. Gosh I love these two! 

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