It wasn't supposed to be a cold day. It was supposed to be a warm, early fall wedding. I mean, isn't the weather always beautiful the 2nd weekend of September? That's what we all thought. But... welcome to Montreal. Which, like many cities now a days, you just never know what temperature you're going to get from month to month. That however didn't stop Angela and Frank from having a gorgeous, beautiful wedding filled with love, laughter and tears. While the ceremony was chilly, the mood in the air certainly was not. 

Angela and Frank have been together for a few years and wanted to incorporate all their friends and family for their big day. They chose to do their vows outside at the Metropolitain Golf Course  and from there, the celebrations were had at the elegant Plaza Antique. Nothing was spared as they put on the most delicious, gorgeous spread of food that I ever laid my eyes on. Lobster anyone? *drool* There were moments throughout the day (and on into the night) that were so touching I had to try not to get too emotional. Honestly though, that's what I loved most about this couple. With everything they've been through, they made it to this day and all they wanted was to show the world how much their love meant to them and to those around them. 

I must give a special thank-you to her sister who is a dear friend of mine, Carol. Carol, you're a beauty. A true gem. I saw you through all of this as the amazing sister, friend and confidante that Angela needed. She's so fortunate to have you in her life. Gosh, I'm just jealous of all three of you sisters. Your connection is something not everyone can attain. Never lose the love you have. But then again, I don't have to say that. :) 

Angela & Frank, keep the warmth you displayed on your wedding day. For even with the most inclement weather, love can survive and thrive. You both are so inspiring. Love you two!