I was beyond flattered when Bianca sent me a little facebook message, inquiring about our May Portrait Special. See, when a fellow photographer asks YOU to photograph THEIR family, you ask "Who me!?!?" it's the most sincerest  compliment. Bianca herself has an extremely successful career as a baby portrait photographer and shoots many weddings. I cannot tell you how much I loooooooove her work. If you have just 30 seconds, check out her work here ---> Bianca Morello Photography. You'll be drawn to her natural way to photograph newborns, and I wish I could photograph them the same, as effortlessly as she does. If you have a baby, book her. If you're pregnant, book her. If you want family photos done, book her. That is all. Just do it. She's a pro at what she does. While photographing the 3 of them, the sun actually came out that rainy day and we had so much fun, forgetting the time and enjoyed watching Sienna walk around here and there and interacting with her mom and dad without a care in the world. Photographing families is truly something special. Family photo shoots are a wonderful opportunity you do not want to pass up. No matter the fear you have in front of the camera, no matter the weather outside. Your family is the most important human connection you will ever have. Make sure to capture it while the little ones are still at home, while their youthful vigor is still there.  These moments pass quickly. But the photograph stays forever.

Thank you both Bianca and Matthew for a truly fun afternoon. You both have given this world a beautiful gift- your darling Sienna. She's such a doll. (And Bianca- I want your hair. You know that. The end. xox :)