Sometimes it's fun to just pick up my camera and shoot when I want to. Not when I'm booked...not when I'm getting paid. But truly, when it's a "just because" moment.  

That happened this past summer when I was visiting some friends for dinner. I looked outside and knew, that when golden hour struck, it was going to be beautiful. 

And that it was. 

If you're learning to photograph, try different times of the day. The power of the sun is incredible and not only that, the different colours it can cast on your subjects can change literally in minutes!  

Thanks Rick and Lara for being my guinea piggies (pardon the're anything BUt that!) And truly.... I wish we lived closer. I'd be taking way  more photos of the both of you. Because yeah.... you're just that good looking.  And your pooches....they're pretty darn cute themselves!!! 


Love you!  

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