When I met Jenny, I loved her smile. She was more than just a warm person. She and Mark really complimented each other, and as they discussed their wedding day with Ben and I she'd turn to Mark. Smile... then keep talking. I could see her excitement as she did so- knowing she was going to marry her best friend in just a few short weeks. I loved that energy.

They chose to get married at the gorgeous Esterel Resort in the Laurentians. Stunning isn't the word. It's nestled on the edge of Lac Dupuis and truly is a retreat everyone must check out. Why we didn't book a night there is beyond me. NEXT time! The weather was perfect for their outdoor ceremony where they exchanged personalized vows and sealed the deal with a kiss and  releasing doves into the crisp blue sky. Yeah, it was perfect.  

The night was infused with laughter, love and dancing. That's not all however. A surprise performance by Mark and some of his groomsmen was put on, including Jenny herself being the lead singer. They really know how to get a crowd going! Pretty soon everyone was singing and dancing in unison, setting the tone for the night. 

Mark, it was so sweet to see you dote on your wife that afternoon, just minutes after you were married, hugging her, embracing her as your new prized gift. Your affection and care for her is so evident. Don't change that! 

Jenny, you are a doll. And truly I tell you, seeing the love between you both is as real as it gets. Although you've known each other for YEARS, it seemed as though you just fell for each other days before. Never loose the romance you have. It's so special, so beautiful so wonderful. I love you guys. Congratulations. 

Shout out to the AMAZING DJ whom I will absolutely recommend to anyone in need!