To document someone's story. You have to know them. You have to know where it all started. Fortunately, I was actually there when it all started. That fateful night, Mike a mutual friend of Erin and Jano's decided that they had to meet. He arranged and choreographed the whole thing, over a lovely dinner at Mechant Boeuf amongst other friends. Off we all went with a bit of curiosity tugging at us. Who is this Jano? Well, to meet the effervescent Jano, is a moment rarely forgotten. While he could barely sit for 2 seconds, he was full of energy. Good, pure, happy energy. No sooner did one blink and he was off talking to the dj, requesting songs. I thought, hey... this guy seems fun. Erin wasn't so sure what to think. But to be fair, my first encounter with my now husband started off somewhat the same way. So, while first impressions are definitely 'everything' sometimes we need a couple more encounters to be certain.

Off they had gone their separate ways from that night. Mike, he tried. And really, it's a huge compliment when a friend sees the good in two beautiful people and thinks 'hey, these two would make a great match!" But as we all know, these matches do not always happen. Or at least with Erin and Jano, not overnight.

Now this is where I do not have the entire story but as I walked into Erins office one day, I noticed she looked different. "What did you do this weekend Erin?" Her very casual response was...'oh .... just hung out with Jano...went for a bike ride'. But no... noooo no no... I knew it was more than that. " A bike ride huh?" I said with a smirk. She held her ground, and said it was nothing, that he's just a really nice guy. Well, one cannot fault her there. He was more than a nice guy. He was exceptionally good to her. From that very humble beginning. He seemed to be smitten with her and certainly was not ready to give up in the pursuit of this lovely lady. 

As things progressed, Erin had confided. Yes, she was falling for him. Head over heels. Soon, she met his parents who took her in as one of their own.  I saw her glow, and beam as she became less shy about this....this charming Jano. Constantly finishing her weekend stories with a beaming smile "Can you believe it!?!? He's just so wonderful Ash!!"  And wouldn't you know it before they knew the time had passed, they were starting a family of their own. She...the one with the heart of gold had fallen deeply, madly in love.

I had grown very close to Erin over those 4 years of us working together. She was my confidante, my go-to.  I was flattered to be her soundboard, listening ear and yes, friend. Life was complete for her. Then that day, as she came in to work with "THE ring" little did I forsee that we'd fast forward to this September and I'd be photographing "THE day".

How the years have made us all grow. How we've come to love what we do and love whom we're with. As her world collided with Janos and they began to create new beginnings, they welcomed their family and friends along with them to celebrate what perhaps I'd call....unexpected love. Which is something to be honoured, and cherished. Because it's in those quiet little corners, where the most powerful love grows.  

Flourist: The awesome Alain Simon Fleurs

MUA: The absolutely fabulous Amal Afoussi

Hairstylist: Vincent Dufault

Venue: The Forest and Stream Club