I feel a huge responsibility as I post this wedding. It was a a bag of mixed emotions while I edited. Having worn two hats this day, both photographer and bridesmaid, I made it my goal to capture as much as I could while still walking down the aisle and smiling. While still being there for Chery as her friend and cheerleader. While still attempting to salsa (aka make a fool of myself) on the dancefloor. Feeling so proud and so honoured to be a part of this special celebration, I'm happy to say that we captured many great moments while still being able to enjoy, savour and celebrate this joyous occasion.

Chery is everyone's girl next door. Who, upon meeting you are instantly drawn in to her infectious bubbly personality. From her abundance of love to her outpouring generosity, it's no wonder she originally had a guest list of hundreds from almost all corners of the earth. It's impossible not to love her. Cute little story, when a girlfriend of mine here in Montreal one day mentioned how much fun she had camping one summer. She went on to tell me how she met this new friend of hers through her cousin and how amazing she was. As she described this said 'life of the party' who lives in Mass and use to live in New Brunswick.. this lovely lady sounded oddly familiar. GO figure it was Chery. So officially my life is complete... these best friends of mine are now best friends and currently are having a G&T for me while they live in Costa Rica. Yes, I wish I was with them but I'm so happy for Chery and Eric to be starting their lives together in paradise, with equally amazing people. Life. Is. Good.

As I reminisce through these images, I wish I could live the day all over again. To hear her say over and over again 'seriously guys, this is the best day of my life!!' To see her beaming smile as she walked down the aisle. To see Eric, a man who waited for the right one really win it big with this gal. He adores her. And that is what she deserves. Not just from her friends around the globe. But from the man she calls her best friend, her husband, the love of her life. 


And one last thing, I wanted to finish and post this yesterday. Before they flew off to CR. I failed. I apologize to those who were waiting to see the images. Life's a crazy thing and every so often (read: more often than not) we have no control of all the going's on. Therefore, again, many apologies!

Venue: Wistariahurst Museum

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