Why Weddings? 

Because I honestly love them. I love people...interacting with the bride and groom and the guests! (whether it be while everyone's getting ready or bustin' it on the dancefloor!)  When you do a job- you have to believe in it. And there's nothing I feel more strongly about than marriage and love. 

How Far In Advance Should I Book My Photographer? 

Well the sooner of course, the better. Many brides who are planning their wedding often start at least 12 months in advance. The venue and the photographer are among the first things to get chosen and checked off the big wedding list. So if you're here now, that's a great start! 

How Long Have You Been Photographing Weddings? 

I have always had a camera with me and always loved taking pictures of friends. Photographing weddings all started innocently enough in 2008, assisting a friend at a wedding. The seed had then been planted and in 2012 I quit my full time job and took on this role of full time wedding photographer!  

Who Photographs With You? 

My husband Ben! Most often we shoot together as we truly do enjoy spending that time ensemble. If it's not him then I do have another trusted photographer or two who are very professional as well and love weddings as much as I do! 


Do You Edit The Images? 

I personally edit every single image that I give to you. You get the full product. That artistic addition to each photo is included at no extra charge in all my packages. It's the finishing touch to the moment I've already captured!

What Do You Use to Shoot With? 

I am neither a Canon or a Nikon girl. (gasp, I know) I'm a Sony woman through and through. I love my camera and my gear. If you ask me 'what's the best camera to get?" I always say- it's like shoes. Every girl has her own personal preference. One is not necessarily better than the other. You just have to try on a couple pairs to see which suits and fits you best!  And the best fit for me- was Sony! 


How Many Images Do We Get?

Well that all depends on how many hours I am photographing for you! Each hour I photograph I take a couple hundred images. It all depends on how much is happening! From there I 'cull' or choose the best of the best. On average I give between 400-600 images for a 10-12 hour wedding. 

What do You Do in Your Spare Time? 

So glad you asked! I love cooking and trying new wines. My husband Ben and I really LOVE to travel so any chance we get we're often out seeing friends back home in New Brunswick or whisking off to Boston! I also do a lot of volunteering and we also enjoy going to the gym together. (well I have to- with all that food I eat)