Gray is my favorite colour. That is, when we're talking about these Grays. They're the most beautiful shade of gray. And I'll tell you why. But first.

What does the word 'Gray' conjure up for you? A darkish muted colour, one that we often wear in winter? Perhaps you've used it to describe the way you've felt at one time. You just weren't feeling your best and so you decided you were feeling gray.

The dictionary adds these words:

1) of a color between white and black; having a neutral hue.

2)dark, dismal, or gloomy: gray skies.

3)dull, dreary, or monotonous.

Before we fall into a terrible depresson...step back and think though of it's beauty and how some people can change the entire meaning and thought of that one word.

I introduce, The Grays.

These Grays are absolutely NOT the dictionary's examples listed above. They're more warm than the colour itself and bring to life their last name better than any definition could attempt. They're anything but dull. And should I use a different colour to describe them, it would be a warm colour, a bright warm inviting shade of perhaps coral or aqua blue. They've calmed us down in troublesome times and have had us laughing for days over the most silly, mundane things. As you can see by a previous post written and dedicated all to Heather and Mike- you can be rest assured that yes, I know them well and I'm forever thankful for having them as Ben's and my amazing friends.

So the next time you are feeling a little 'gray' don't fret. Because hey, there's nothing wrong with that. Sometimes if you look at it the right way, it can be the most beautiful shade you've ever seen and eventually the colour Gray can turn into a happy coral, a calming blue or the most beautiful amber glow you've laid your eyes on.

Beneath each hue is a defining warmth, softening it's underbelly, telling it's story of how he brightens the world.