The coolest thing about the online world is the ability to know someone so well without even meeting them. Some may call that weird, obscure and just not safe.... well these can all be true but when taking precautions and when it's a friend of a friend whom you've known for over a decade, I think it's ok to say that yeah, this friend is a keeper ;).

Angie and I have known each other for my goodness, 5 years now? And I've watched her absolutely adorable boys grow into the young little men that they are now. I've also seen her recently get married! So having the opportunity to photograph them was beyond a pleasure. We had so much fun as we ran around High Park and smelled the roses apple blossoms. I was hoping and praying we'd get these stunning flowers while they were still on the trees but had been told they were all done. Well, alas! Not these ones! They were heavy with their readiness to fall but luckily we made it in time.

I'm doing my best to convince Angie and Shane to come to Montreal to visit us all and hopefully that'll happen soon. In the meantime, I'm so glad we FINALLY got to meet IN person and take these images of you four. You and Shane have something so special, so real and it was truly touching to be able to spend a couple hours with you both and your boys, seeing them so happy, so fullfilled with the life you have all built. Congrats to you both on your everything. xox