Energy come wedding day comes in all different forms. Excitement, stress, joy, passion etc. For these two excitement and calmness were coupled creating an interesting dynamic. And it quite honestly made me think of the match between my husband and I. Sabrina, much like me is bubbling over with enthusiasm, smiles from ear to ear and is an all around social gal. When she came into my studio back in the winter we hit it off and were talking so much that James had to put his foot down and bring us back to business. James. Ah James. You're the quiet guy thats all too loveable ( I'm sure you hated me putting that there) and who has eyes only for his now-wife. Us energy-driven gals need the balance that our men give us. That which centers us. And yet, you still were up for the challenge of taking photos in downtown Montreal, come what may. When we said 'Let's go into the Carribana crowd!" You went. Even though, lets face it, it was the last thing you wanted to do. You're a king trooper and I thank you for trusting in me to get those shots, even if it meant stepping outside of your comfort zone for them. Thank you SO MUCH! 


Here's some of my favourite shots of the day. Enjoy all! 

MUA: Amanda Houle 

Flourist: Madame K Floral Design

Venue; Le Challenger

Band: The Classic Yellow (amazing band! And the singer looks like...anyone guess?)