While it's storming outside this morning, it gives me the chance to do something I love ...edit! When I could be doing so many other things.... I get to put on some St. Germain music... sip on my coffee...stay IN my pj's and enjoy the photos taken a couple months ago..when it was sunny and no coats were needed. What a change from then till now!

Gisele and I have been 'online friends' if you will for a couple years now and we both cannot believe how fast time flies. She and her sweetheart husband both journey'd from New Brunswick on a family vacation to Montreal and what better way to enjoy your time seeing the sights, hearing the sounds than doing so with a photo shoot in the Old Port of Montreal! I love being able to discover my city all over again whilst photographing subjects in this beautiful environment. It makes me appreciate this place called home all over again. 

We were all so relaxed, even their little guy Nikolai who was somewhat in awe of all that was around him. I think they have a traveller on their hands ;) As we trekked throughout the cobble stones and ended it off with a scrumptious Olive & Gourmando sandwich, I think we all felt the same...that life couldn't get any better. :)