Having come from New Brunswick as many of you know- I didn't get to experience much culture. I'm not slamming home... it's just a fact. Now mind you, things have changed greatly over the past 10 years and indeed there is more diversity than ever, which really makes me happy every time I go back to visit. 

One of the great things about Montreal in comparison to all other cities in Canada is the melting pot of people, culture music and food. Being such a small island, Rather than be segregated in their own "little pockets" every culture molds together.  And if you can't think about what you want to eat or see on any given day....especially in the summer Montreal will take over part of the downtown and will GIVE you a festival to highlight a certain heritage... a country... and all their bright beautiful expressions of life. Now I have a reason for this mind thought...

It got me thinking- a wedding is just that. A festival of sorts. It's a day that brings people together to celebrate, to embrace culture, music, tradition and yes...it involves food. Lots of it! For Louise and Charles day they incorporated their Chinese Traditions, showing much honor to family. It also included their Canadian heritage as well, melding the two harmoniously. It started with Charles working hard through his door games before he got to see his bride beautifully decorated in a traditional Chinese dress.  Two separate tea ceremonies took up the greater part of the morning but it didn't just stop there. There was a dress change, the exchanging of vows and yes.... even karaoke at the reception! They wanted for their photos to be lighthearted, fun and to include the campus where they went to school and met- McGill. Every detail was planned out... every moment had meaning... it made for such a beautiful story.

This job allows me to tap into some of the most unique visuals, which is something I never want to take for granted. I hope that what you see next enlightens...and gives you a sort of festival to enjoy... a festival of love, of laughter, of Chinese tradition. And it may make you wanna order in some Chinese Food tonight! :) 

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