When I met Kim and Scott, I knew there was a good connection between us. There was a maritime connection, as well as a mutual love for specific locations in Montreal, including the very place they were to wed- Espaces Canal in the Chateau Saint Ambroise building in St. Henri While I had lived in St. Henri for 4 years and photographed in many different locations, I had yet to photograph a wedding in that venue. Well the time finally came. 

Kim is a sweet, kind soft spoken girl yet don't let that fool you, the woman knows what she needs, wants and was certainly 100% organized and ready for her big day. Even when their 1950 Rolls Royce decided it was 'too hot' that day, in one phone call I saw a different side to my beautiful bride. One that I LIKED! I even said I need to be more like you Kim to get THINGS DONE! And without a blink, she was back in bridal mode, ready for photos and having a sip of sambuca with her papa. I couldn't be happier to be documenting their big day...no matter what was going to happen I knew it would be fine. As soon as I arrived, the energy was perfect setting the tone. Her fabulous makeup artist Elizabeth D'Amico who I was hoping to work with for a long time was there, all smiles beautifying the girls. She nailed every look and was incredibly kind.

Scott too is a quiet man who truly doted after his bride hand and foot. ( Literally, having to switch different shoes for the portraits session.) Their love was so endearing all day. When I warned her where I wanted to take them for a part of the photo shoot, I reassured her that it would all be perfect and the photos will be awesome. She didn't flinch. As though getting ready for the biggest marathon run in her life she said "Ashley... I trust you  let's do it. " And that's just what we did. Montreal traffic, construction and going through an alleyway we made it to the final part of the journey before the reception. As Kim and Scott pushed through the foilage in a weed-filled field up to their waist she said "ONLY FOR YOU ASHLEY!" In return, I said....trust me..this is for YOU !! Magic was made.... and no legs were gotten by poison ivy. 

The reception was a blast and their Dj - Alex Naim killed it. I mean really. I couldn't get off the dancefloor. He made our job easy, working on into the late night and KNOWS what he's doing. Trust me. ;) 

Then... the food truck. THE> FOOD> TRUCK>>>>

Nouveau Palais 's food truck showed up at around 11:30 pm for the grand finale of the night. I almost died and went to burger heaven. What is the only thing you want after a long day in the heat. After a huge night of partying, celebrating and drinking. BURGERS. Do I really have to say it even? Seriously. Best decision and I will PAY the next couple who says they're going to do this at their wedding. Better than a sweet table, (although they had that too!) friends and family lined up for their milkshakes, hotdogs and burgers. All were fed, all were happy and the bride and groom certainly had the best wedding ever.


2nd shooter: Valerie Baron (you killed it girl!)