No matter the distance, whenever we get to travel to do a wedding it always adds extra excitement. ROAD TRIP! It's always a bit different and exciting all at once. We get to leave the city and explore. That type of change is always fun for the photographer and the client. Personally, I plan ahead thinking of the venue, the surrounding beauty and how we will document this very special day. I want it to be perfect, wanting to give them the best day they could ever imagine.

When I had met Andrew and Andrea months before they explained how much they loved living in Vancouver (where they live now) but that for their wedding, they wanted something very special. Something beautiful and charming. Choosing The Hotel Quintessence in picturesque Mont Tremblant was by far one of the best choices. Situated on Lake Tremblant it's the vision of complete relaxation. The weather was warm, the sun sparkling off the water. Truly a perfect day. Andrew and Andrea were as calm and collected as anything. Honestly I thought I had seen calm. But nothing like these two. Simply incredible. They set the mood for the day and from then on, I realized just how wonderful and well chosen this venue was for them personally.

Friends and family came in from Vancouver and parts of Quebec. Everyone celebrated, everyone showered them with love. As Andrews mom lovingly said during her speech, she finally got the daughter she wanted. I smiled. I felt grateful to witness such a kind hearted couple who believe in the true essence of love, including those closest to them to be a part of their day.

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